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On this page we share insights and tips with which you can get a grip on traffic in your municipality or project more quickly. If you would like to stay informed, please leave your contact details below.

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No two intersections are the same

Do you often have the feeling that you don't know enough about what is happening on a certain intersection? Or is it difficult to lay a finger on what goes really wrong?

Perhaps you have tried other things like video-observations or a drone? Those methods are very useful, but also expensive.

How would it feel if you really had control over what was happening? Let's talk about how Movimaps | Intersection Replay can help you!

How to find your next best location

Regardless of whether you are looking for the next location of a store or the best place to expand your network of Fast Charging EV stations, we got you covered.

Combining the best available data from TomTom with our unique method to scale up to real volumes, you can be sure to get the best information you need for your next step.

Our solution is completely scaleable. From a single location, a country or even all over Europe.

Do you still use ANPR camera's?

When you are looking to get a grip on through traffic in a neighborhood, ANPR camera's are the first to think of.

From a cost perspective those camera's are not the cheapest option, so the survey period will often be limited.

Wouldn't it be great if you could measure traffic patterns for weeks or even months without any extra costs?

We will be happy to show you some examples of Movimaps | origin destination and selected link, powered by TomTom data.

Get started with data yourself

As a distributor of TomTom traffic data, we know exactly what to look out for when using this data. We provide direct access to the TomTom MOVE portal with the products:

  • Junction Analytics (intersection delay, queues, volumes and turn movements ratio's)
  • Traffic Stats (travel time, speed and numbers on routes and in areas)
  • Origin Destination (origin destination for zones and selected links)
  • Route Monitoring (real-time delay on routes).

We support our customers with data inspiration sessions. And of course we use the data products such as Movimaps | speed, Movimaps | intersection replay and Movimaps | selected link.


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